SAT Scores Up Amid ‘Teaching to the Test’ Fears

SAT Scores Up Amid ‘Teaching to the Test’ Fears


PRINCE WILLIAM COUNTY, Va. – The College Board reports that high school seniors in Prince William County have improved their SAT scores by eight points from last year and outperformed the national average in critical reading skills. While this is a positive indication of student improvement, some worry that it may also bring to light a heavy reliance on standardized testing. – See more at:


Lingamfelter: Natural Gas Drilling, Natural Resource Exploration Would Bring Jobs

ImageDelegate Scott Lingamfelter, Republican incumbent representing the 31st district of the Virginia House of Delegates, has represented Prince William and Fauquier counties since 2002. This election, he is focusing his campaign on hot topics in the northern Virginian region: transportation, education and jobs. He says his 11 years of service to his district displays his loyalty to his constituents.

“I look at myself through the lens of public service. I have been serving the public since the day I took my oath to the constitution in 1973. The people of my district know me,” he says. “I know how to legislate and I know how to get things done in Richmond and that’s awfully important to Prince William and Fauquier counties.”

He is being challenged by Democrat, Jeremy McPike in this year’s General Election. He says that he represents a stark contrast from his opponent.

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Hirons Wants to Rethink Testing, Touts Close Bonds with Local Government, Schools


ImageScott Hirons, candidate for the Falmouth seat on the Stafford County School Board, has been a professional project manager for over 19 years. He currently works as a contractor for the U.S. Army at Fort Belvoir.


Hirons says his leadership experience and educational background will make him a beneficial candidate for the school board.


“One of the things that government at all levels and especially the Stafford County School Board right now is lacking is good strategic management and that is what I hope to bring to the board,” says Hirons. “Without a strategic plan, we’re kind of throwing darts at the board and guessing what works best; we’re really not measuring what truly works best and then funding those priorities.”

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Better Neighborhood Planning, Bigger Retail Base Keys to Sellers’ Campaign for Stafford Board of Supervisors

Better Neighborhood Planning, Bigger Retail Base Keys to Sellers’ Campaign for Stafford Board of Supervisors












Laura Sellers is the Democratic candidate running for the Garrisonville seat of the Stafford County Board of Supervisors, and she is no stranger to the political scene. She first ran for the Board of Supervisors in 2009 and is currently a member of the Stafford Democratic Committee. She says she is determined to bring the board a new perspective.

“I was not happy with the county,” says Sellers. “With a young child, I have to think about what I want the county to look like as I raise him here. This wasn’t really it.”

Sellers says her expectations are in line with many of the views of families she’s spoken to within her district. She says she doesn’t feel that her opponent, Ty Schieber, has effectively represented the Garrisonville district.

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Unopposed Howell Supports ‘A-F’ School Reform, Lauds Budget Surplus

Unopposed Howell Supports ‘A-F’ School Reform, Lauds Budget SurplusImage

William “Bill” Howell has served as the 54th Speaker of the Virginia House of Delegates since 2003. He was first elected as a delegate representing the 28th House district in 1987 and remains unopposed.

Howell has a juris doctor degree from the University of Virginia School of Law and is an attorney practicing trust and estate law in Falmouth, Va.

During the last legislative session, Howell supported Gov. Bob McDonnell’s transportation reform package, which will do away with the retail gasoline tax and raise the state’s sales tax in an effort to fund repairs to roads and highways.

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Seeking School Board Seat, Egan says Classroom Capacity a Major Issue in Stafford

Seeking School Board Seat, Egan says Classroom Capacity a Major Issue in Stafford

ImageIrene Egan believes every child deserves a good education, which is why she is running to fill the Aquia seat on the Stafford County School Board. Egan has two sons on her own, both which are attending Stafford County schools.

“I want them to have the best learning experience they can, and not just my children, but also for my friend’s children and my neighbor’s children,” says Egan. “These are the people that are going to be running our county, the people that are going to be running our schools. We’ve got to pay it forward.”

Egan works as a sales and marketing manager for the Hylton Group in Prince William County. She is also an active member in Stafford County Schools, serving as a member of the PTA for Stafford Elementary School, and the president of the Parent-Teacher Organization for Stafford Middle School.

Egan’s husband, Richard, shares her passion in tackling educational issues. He is a federal law enforcement officer for the US Department of Education, conducting investigations regarding waste fraud and abuse relating to education.

Egan is focusing her campaign on areas such as school security, capacity and performance.

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Police Talk ‘Sexting,’ Cyberbulling, Warn of Child Pornography



NOKESVILLE, Va. – On Tuesday night, the Prince William County Police Department held a seminar to discuss digital safety, “sexting” and cyberbullying. Officers James Conway, Joshua Peters and Matthew Martz and Sergeant D.M. Smith delivered one clear message to parents throughout the event: be wary of what your children are doing online.

Conway said that internet and new technology shouldn’t be looked at as a bad thing, however, he said that bad decisions can lead to lasting consequences.

“I have a rule that I tell my kids and students at the schools. It’s simply this: Whatever you don’t want everyone to see or know, do not put up anywhere.”

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